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My first experience with House of Hearing and Chris Bain was 10 years ago. At the time I had analog hearing aids that were several years old and simply incapable of providing the support I needed to cope with my ongoing hearing loss. After a complete exam and analysis, Chris introduced me to the latest technology in digital hearing aids.With the new hearing aids, my ability to hear and understand sounds, especially speech, was remarkably improved. These devices served me very well for quite a while, despite my gradual and continual hearing loss. Chris was always available to "tweak" my devices in an effort to keep up with my degrading condition. Being near 80 years old, we reached a point where the 10 year-old digital devices couldn't keep up with my continual hearing loss. In addition, I was beginning to experience minor balance issues, which at the time I did not relate to my hearing loss. I was also having a hard time understanding some speech/words altho I had no difficulty hearing them, volume-wise. So, after another extensive hearing exam, we looked at options. Chris explained the newest chip technology and programming available and I was able to select devices that were perfect to fill my needs. Eventho I've experienced it first hand, it's still hard to believe how much these new device have improved the quality of my life in so many ways and my relationships with friends and family.

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Norman Frazier, on Google

Jennifer in the Cedar City office is really GREAT!! The service is Excellent, and Jennifer is sooo patient!! My mother is 89 years old, very slow, and Jennifer was so nice and understanding. We highly recommend House of Hearing..

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Olga R, on Google

Chris and Jen have always given me the best service and provided the best product for improving my hearing. During regular visits they make adjustments as needed to my aids. They are concerned about what is best for my better hearing.

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Kingsley Nelson, on Google

House of Hearing is, hands down, THE place to go for your hearing needs. They are compassionate and knowledgeable in their expertise. Second to none, I would recommend House of Hearing to anyone in the St George vicinity who needs a hearing test or hearing aid!

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Christine Coglietta, on Google

First of all, they have a place in Mesquite Nevada, which is very nice to have so we don’t have to go to St. George. Jennifer is one of the nicest practitioners I’ve met in a very long time she cares about what is happening with your ears and hearing very knowledgeable and very personable. I recommend her and House Of Hearing for anybody who has a hearing issue.

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Ruth Jaszczak, on Google

My experience with Jennifer when wearing hearing aids for the first time was caring, kind and patient. The education has been so important to me in this life style change.

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Ilene Maurer, on Google

My husband had a near fatal accident 23 years ago and it resulted in deafness in one ear and severe hearing loss in the other. This serious disability made for a real challenge but they stepped up to meet that challenge 110% with compassion, respect and expertise. If you want to go to someone who will look for the very best device that fits your needs, who will treat you like a real person and give you the best of the best customer service after the sale then look no further. We love these guys!

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Yvonne Meachum, on Google

Great product!!! Caring people!!Know what you need and will help you get the best aid you need!!

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Theron Roberts, on Google

I can finally hear the TV and not look at my wife and ask, “what did they say?” all the time. I love how comfortable they are! These are the BEST hearing aids I’ve tried!

Jim McDermott – Founder of McDermott Pool Cues

“My husband, Jake, would not wear hearing aids, even when he had them. He has lost the ability to recognize sounds. I was afraid that would happen to me. I thought my hearing was good, but the people on TV didn’t talk plain they just mumbled. When I received an ad from the House of Hearing, I told my son that maybe I would go. My son told me that was where he got his hearing aids and I should go. I am glad I did! I have had mine for about 3 years and still receive the same wonderful service.”

Peggy Bagnell – Panguitch, UT

“I love my Imagine VS hearing aids from NuEar and House of Hearing! Chris and his competent staff crafted the latest products to meet my lifestyle and give me the most out of my hearing. I trusted my hearing care to House of Hearing, you can too!”

Hot Rod Hundley – Former Hall of Fame Utah Jazz Broadcaster

I cannot thank you enough for the patience and care you gave me to assure my hearing aids worked perfectly.They have changed my life for the better in many ways and I have you to thank. It is rare to find someone such as yourself with the dedication to their work to assure everything is done to the highest possible standard. I hope you will allow me to not only be your customer but also a friend. With my sincerest gratitude.”

Leon Lindsay – Kanab, UT

I’ve been involved in shooting my entire life and I’ve never been able to find hearing protection that is comfortable and lets me hear everything that is going on around me. Shooting majorly loud firearms like open guns, AR 15’s, etc. I knew I was damaging my hearing. Luckily, I was able to find exactly what I was looking for in SoundGear. They are completely comfortable because of the custom fit and I can adjust the volume depending on where I am and what I need to hear. This includes competing on the range, hunting, construction, etc. Now, I cannot imagine doing anything with louder noises without my SoundGear.

Justine Williams

As a professional young athlete in this sport with high risk of hearing loss, I wanted to find a pair of hearing protection that protected my hearing so I can stay in the sport my entire life and still keep my hearing. With SoundGear I am able to protect my hearing while still performing my job at the highest level.

Jalise Williams